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I have a weakness for Tim Hortons but I wouldn’t want to go there for medical help.

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Today I was looking at the news highlights and came across and admirable young employee, who works for Tim Horton’s in Windsor, Ontario and his manager helped deliver a  seven pound baby this morning. You know you are addicted to Timmy’s coffee when you would rather deliver at your favorite coffee shop than go to the hospital. For those of you who may not know, Tim Horton’s prides itself on delivering a fresh pot of coffee every twenty minutes.  I hope this does not translate over to childbirth too! Mind you it would be a cheap way to deliver kids.

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This is a pet peeve of mine. I do no like the see the light of smart phones when I’m trying to watch a movie.

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From Culture City: Theaters Still Vexed by the Text

Recent article in the Wall Street Journal on texting that was written for me.  Author outlines the top 10 reasons why you shouldn’t text in the theatre (and it’s applicable for meetings, movies, seminars, dinners, etc).  I’ve excerpted my top 5 of her 10…good article – I would encourage you to read it in its entirety…

9. You’re rotting your brain. (Multitasking is bad for you.  It reduces your ability to focus and think deeply about task at hand.  If you can’t think deeply, you can’t feel deeply, which means you’re missing out on a rich, creative interior life.)

8. It’s annoying to other people who are trying to watch the show.

7. Maybe the show isn’t boring. Maybe it’s you. (…if you can’t entertain yourself with your own thoughts, you’re in bad shape. For centuries, philosophers have grappled with…

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CINDY: 3 years old, spayed female, Shepherd mix, 40 lbs.

Cindy came to us because her family was splitting up. She’s never gotten the attention a young dog needs.

Cindy is super playful. She loves toys, and her favorite game is fetch. She’s a smart cookie and adapts well to positive training. She already knows “sit,” “down,” “stay,” “shake,” and “sit pretty,” and she’s learning more fun tricks like “roll over.” Cindy is house-trained, rides well in the car, and enjoys being brushed and groomed. She behaves well around the house and respects her boundaries.

This special girl needs an adult-only home with people who have experience with large dogs, so she can continue to develop into a well-adjusted dog. Cindy needs someone who’ll give her very clear rules, lots of love, and plenty of exercise. In return, she’ll be your loyal friend for life.

Rascal was “suurendered” to us by his owner, who had lost his home to foreclosure. He’s great with other dogs, and he loves people, going for walks, runnning, and playing Frisbee. He’s goo with children and enjoys riding in the car. He has a cute habit of standing on his haunches and gently giving you his front paws. Rascal shouldn’t go to a home with cats, because he tends to chase them.

Our vet has taken care of all Rascal’s vaccinations, removed his dewclaws, and microchipped him. He’d make a wonderful family dog.

If you’re interest in Rascal, please call Donnaa at Pets to go–(555) 555-5555/